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Booking Entry in the DWA industry guide

Would you like to be listed in the DWA industry guide? No problem! You can book your address entry and corresponding design elements online here.
How to book your entry:

  • Enter your address details in the form below.
  • Tick the input fields that are to appear later in the address entry to the left of the address entry fields.
  • Upload the required files or links for the additional services you have selected (logo, QR code, social media links).
  • In the preview window you can display the text for your address entry and, if necessary, edit it again as described below.
  • For a general overview of the costs, please see our price list. The costs for your individual booking can be found in the summary that you can create at the bottom of this page.
  • Here, all data can be checked again and changes can be made via "Back" in the entry pages. If everything is correct, send us your order. You will then receive a confirmation email from us immediately.
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BExamples of a possible entry can be found here


Cost per logo
1 to 5 headings, b/w -13,80 €
6 to 10 headings, b/w - 11,80 €
from 11 headings, b/w - 8,50 €

Cost, one time - 43,50 €

Please upload your logos here as follows:

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If you book the QR code in the categories, it will appear in the alphabetical index free of charge.

Please upload your code here or enter the corresponding URL.

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For your online entry, we offer free linking to your profiles on the social media portals listed below. To do so, please simply insert the respective URL:

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Loyalty discount

Never miss an entry deadline again and additionally reduce your organizational effort. Secure a 3% loyalty discount on the address entry: Cost per issue for permanent booking. Order runs until revoked. Would you like to take advantage of our loyalty discount for future regular customers? Click here for more information

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