DWA Industry Guide Watermanagement, Wastewater-Waste

Category "6.2 Biological wastewater treatment" contains these sub-categories

Aeration installations (16 companies)
Aeration installations for wastewater ponds, rivers, lakes (6 companies)
Aeration paddles (1 companies)
Aeration systems (12 companies)
Aeration tanks (5 companies)
Aerator candles (4 companies)
Agitators (9 companies)
Anaerobic wastewater treatment (4 companies)
Anaerobic wastewater treatment, equipment (5 companies)
Biological filter plant equipment (3 companies)
Biological filter plants (2 companies)
Biological immersion contactor plants (2 companies)
Biological phosphorus elimination (2 companies)
Blowers, blower installations (7 companies)
ceramic dome (2 companies)
clear-water extraction systems (3 companies)
Combinations of contactor plants, biological filter plants/aeration plants (3 companies)
Compact sewage treatment plants (7 companies)
Cylinder aerators (2 companies)
Ejector aeration (3 companies)
Fermentation Plants (1 companies)
Filtration plants (4 companies)
Fixed-Bed Biology Plants (4 companies)
Foam destruction installations, agents (2 companies)
Gyroscopic aerators (1 companies)
membrane aerator (4 companies)
Membrane Bioreactors (5 companies)
Nitrification, denitrification (9 companies)
odour filters (1 companies)
Percolation, irrigation (3 companies)
Plate Aerators (5 companies)
Prefabricated sewage treatment plants (1 companies)
Pressure aeration (9 companies)
Retention soil filter systems (2 companies)
Rotating contactor plants (1 companies)
SBR plants (8 companies)
Screw-type thickeners, rotation thickeners (4 companies)
Sedimentation tank covers (2 companies)
Small scale sewage treatment plants with sludge stabilisation (2 companies)
Small scale sewage treatment plants without sludge stabilisation (2 companies)
Surface aerators (4 companies)
Turbine aerators, submerged aerators (1 companies)
turbo compressors (7 companies)
Wastewater ponds (1 companies)

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