DWA Industry Guide Watermanagement, Wastewater-Waste

Category "11.1 According to source areas" contains these sub-categories

Animal cadaver disposal (2 companies)
aquaculture (2 companies)
Breweries (8 companies)
Chemical pulp production (1 companies)
Coal processing and coal briquet production (1 companies)
Combined wastewater (2 companies)
Crude oil processing (5 companies)
Effluents from ships (1 companies)
Fish processing (4 companies)
Glass production and processing (3 companies)
Iron and steel production (3 companies)
Laundries (2 companies)
Leather production, fur processing, leather fibre production (3 companies)
Malthouses (1 companies)
Meat industry (8 companies)
Medical field (hospital wastewater etc.) (1 companies)
Metal working, metal processing (5 companies)
Milk processing (10 companies)
Ore dressing (1 companies)
Paper and cardboard (8 companies)
Pharmaceuticals (1 companies)
Potato processing (3 companies)
Printing works (1 companies)
Processing of oil-bearing seeds, edible fat and edible oil refining (1 companies)
Production and alcohol and alcoholic beverages (7 companies)
Production and processing of plastics, vulcanised and raw rubber (1 companies)
Production of fruit and vegetable products (3 companies)
Production of hardboard (2 companies)
Production of mineral fertilisers other than potassium (2 companies)
Production of refreshment beverages and beverage filling (8 companies)
Production of semiconductor elements (1 companies)
Production of starch (3 companies)
Production of sugar (2 companies)
Production of textiles (4 companies)
Sludge liquors (1 companies)
Stone and earth (2 companies)
Wastewater containing mineral oil (2 companies)
Water conditioning, cooling systems (4 companies)

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